Jane Pittman

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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Reaction Paper: Jane Pittman

We watched the autobiography of Jane Pittman. It was a very touching story about her life and events that took place during her life. She died at 110 and had a life that was greatly affected by many things that happened in her life, but also events that took place during her lifetime.

Ms. Jane Pittman was not really real active during the autobiography, but she was really mentally quick as a whip. She remembered events back early into her life and remembered great details of events that had happened and effected her life. She seemed very vivid in everything that she talked about and seemed proud of the things that went on in her life. She remembered her husband although the marriage was short and the events that lead up to her and him gaining a life to try to live freely and also the happiness that she felt during that time. She remembered and talked about the events that lead to her husband and her basically adopted son, Ned’s death. She talked about that she tried basically to save them, but at the same time did not seem to blame herself for or them for their final death or their decision to go after it that inevitably lead to their deaths. She talked about finding freedom and the reason that she went toward Ohio as a result of events of meeting the Yankee soldier Corp Brown that he was really the first one that had been nice to her. She was very vivid and seemed very sentimental in terms of the two rocks. She still had them in her possession and remembered their meaning and the priceless value that they had to her. She remembered Jimmy and it was toward the end and a result of his death that she drank from the whites only water fountain in Bayonne. It seems that she was kind of a normal lady, but that these things lead to her life and events that went on during it. Some ordinary per say people have some big things that happen to them during their life that would blow any celebrities life to pieces pretty much in...
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