Jane Wurwand

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Entrepreneur Research Paper

Jane Wurwand
Phaedra Van Wyck
Man220 (H-22)

Why I choose her
After searching and reading I can across Jane Wurwand founder of Dermalogica. Reading and article about her it inspired me to not give up on anything. And also during her childhood she was face with challenges that she rose above becoming who she is today.

Jane Wurwand Founder of Dermalogica
Jane Wurwand has be a part of so many things in her life learning and developing from all of them. She is the youngest of 4 girls raised by her mom after her dad passed away from a heart attack. They lived in the U.K and when she got older she moved to South Africa where she met her husband Raymond. Together they moved to Los Angeles Ca. where they started the post graduate school The International Dermal Institute in 1983. After teaching there for awhile she realized that there wasn’t appropriate products to use in the classrooms. Then 3 years later she introduce Dermalogica. Jane started with only $1,400 in her pocket spending the next 3 years after opening with no pay. After 4 years she was able to start paying herself $300 a month. “If your passionate about your idea, no income or very little will not deter you” she says. It was all done without a loan or investors buying in.

Dreaming Big
Now 25 or so years later Dermalogica is sold in more than 25,000 salons and spas in 86 countries. It is rated #1 in the skin care industry. Her post graduate school has taught over 100,000 skin therapists since opening. Wurwand changed the nature of skin care with 2 concepts that helped her business’s grow to what they are today. The transcendent power of human touch and the far reaching effects of education, shaped Dermalogica and provided a social blueprint for women and their own financial success.

So Many Accomplishments
Among that, the work in many areas of philanthropy, education and women’s business’ development champions via The Dermalogica Foundation...
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