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Jane Austen, author of many well known books such as Pride and Predjudice. Today her books are considered literary classics.
Jane was born on December 16, 1775. Her parents were well respected in the community. Jane had many siblings growing up and her famiy was very close. In the enviornment jane grew up in it stressed learning and creative thinking and thats when sh began to write. She was encouraged to read books from her fathers library when she was young. She and her siblings liked to put on plays and charades and she would often write them or come up with the ideas. Jane was espicially close with her father and older sister Cassandra. Jane and Cassandra were sent to boarding school. While in boarding school both caught typhus, Jane nearly succumbing the illness. Their education period was cut short due to financial cuts.

While growing up she wrote in bound notebooks brainstorming whatever ideas she thought of. She began to learn to love writing. She would write short stories, poems, and plays. Her notebook was later referred to as "Jane's Juvenilia".She wrote Love and Friendship which was a parody of romantic fiction organized by a series of love letters. After that, she expressed her wit and dislike of romantic hysertia. The next year she wrote The History of England which was only 34 of some historical writing and a couple illustrations drawn by her sister Cassandra.

Much of her early adulthood was spent helping the family home, playing the piano, attending church, and socializing with neighbors but she always managed to make time to write. Nights and weekends often involed social gatherings and parties. As a result she became an accomplished dancer. Other evenings she would read to her family, occassionally reading one of her own works. She continued owrite developing more style. During this time she started to draft First Impressions, later published as Pride And Predjudice.

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