Topics: Meaning of life, School, Education Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: January 24, 2013

1. In a relation to community organizing, what do you think is the meaning of "munting tinig" and what do you think they are in the community? They are the poor people who only wish is to be heard by the government.

2. What do you think the main message and values that the film is trying to imply to its viewer? Don't lose hope, never give up because there's always a way for the success if you have a determination. And rises above these challenges to emerge as a euphoric affirmation of the power of change, teaching us that big dreams and the desire to follow them often come in small packages.

3. Did you observe some connection of film in doing CWTS and in your immersion experience? For me it is about changing lives and rising against adversity, even in the face of certain failure.

4. What are the challenges that the film is trying to draw out from the reality? It relates the all-too-true tale of how many children in rural areas of the Philippines are kept from attending school due to poverty and their family's dependence on their being able to put food on the table.

5. What do you think is the most conflict/problem in the film and how this was resolve in the film? This is when Melinda is not exactly prepared to meet the many challenges of her new position, that of Elementary School teacher. When a funding opportunity in the form of a regional singing contest presents itself to Melinda, the idealistic teacher must smartly juggle uncooperative school administrators, confrontational parents, and the torn children themselves in order to let their small voices be heard. In order to solve this problem, so she preferred to sell a "ice candy" for them to have a costumes.

6. As NSTP student what things you have realize after watching the film? This put me into my realization that, whatever our situation, happy or sad; whatever our age or status in life, It should never cease our hearts to serve the Lord more and share all...
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