Jamie Turner

Topics: Management, Decision making, Problem solving Pages: 6 (2169 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Jamie Turner Case Study

Problem Statement

Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo of Modern Lighting Industries, Inc need to recognize and address their interpersonal issues that have created a disconnect between them and throughout the whole MLI workforce.


1. Jamie Turner and Pat Cardullo have very different assumptions and expectations for Turner’s new position and MLI as a company. This hinders their relationship and prevents effective communication. This may be contributed to a poor psychological contract, the contract was weakly established and has not been maintained throughout Turner’s time at MLI. Also, when Jamie was in the process of signing on, Cardullo implied and even made many commitments; since then he has lost sight of these commitments and now Jamie is confused as to what exactly Cardullo wants from him. 2. Personal style issues may be the source of the problem between Turner and Cardullo. Turner being from the X/Y generation may have different values, ideas, and reactions than those of Cardullo who is from the Boomer generation. Each sees the world through a different lens, this can lead to short comings in their relationship along with a decrease in their ability to effectively make shared decisions. Similar to the generational differences, there may be identity conflicts. Both men come from their own distinct upbringings and backgrounds, this creates separate identities and if they fail to acknowledge the differences it will be difficult to work and make decisions together. Also a personal issue is that Cardullo may have an internal competing commitment that prohibits him from accepting the ideas of Jamie Turner. It’s possible that Cardullo has a subconscious competing commitment that makes him afraid of using other’s ideas and giving them control of certain aspects of the company. 3. Cardullo may have different managerial styles than Jamie or even a lack there of. In the world of today it is always nice to have a technical background such as Cardullo’s, but to be a great manager and leader it is necessary to have emotional intelligence. It seems that Cardullo lacks in many aspects of emotional intelligence which may lead to poor managerial styles and problems within the MLI workforce. Also detrimental to Cardullo’s managing of employees is his lack of recognizing what matters to his subordinates. It is essential to realize what matters to your employees in order to best keep them motivated and interested in their work; this is called recognizing the mattering maps of your employees, a concept that Cardullo seems to lose sight of. Cardullo’s lack of emotional intelligence and deficiency in the ability to see mattering maps adds to the disconnect between Turner and other employees at MLI. 4. Rational decision making is a quality of a good leader and it is something the Cardullo lacks. Cardullo seems to value only his opinion and doesn’t take into consideration Jamie’s ideas or the ideas of others in the company. This process of decision making creates adversity and conflict throughout the company.


1. The poor psychological contract between Turner and Cardullo is creating turmoil in their relationship. While Turner was in the process of hiring on, he and Cardullo never developed an adequate psychological contract. This led to each of them having separate assumptions and expectations of one another. Jamie performed his daily activities based on the assumptions he had made about MLI. One example is how Tuner assumed that volume of sales was important, his pricing reflected this assumption. However, Cardullo undermined him and took control of pricing and stated “when did I ask you to worry about volume”. Similar to breaking the psychological contract is Cardullo’s breaking of commitments.

Before Turner was hired, Cardullo expressed many of his opinions and managerial commitments. Cardullo believed in managing by objectives, good communication among the...
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