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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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The main problems facing Jamie Turner and MLI, Inc. as a whole are a lack of leadership, poor organization, poor planning and decision-making, and a lack of communication. The top executive of the organization did not display any of the managerial skills, except technical skills, needed to create a productive work environment. The organizational structure does not provide enough support for the diverse needs of MLI and created a power vacuum at the executive level of MLI. Different organizational cultures at MLI and Specialty Support Services (Triple S) created tension that made problem resolution difficult. The different cultures lead to ethically questionable decisions by MLI executives and staff. MLI, Inc. is an international lighting manufacturing organization that has suffered several financial setbacks after the death of the founder. MLI was acquired by a larger conglomerate, Specialty Support Services (Triple S) to provide alternative distributions channels for some of the Triple S lighting products. The only Triple S executive to champion the MLI acquisition was Pat Cardullo. Cardullo, the president of The Triple S Mobile Systems/Support division would also serve as the MLI president. Jamie Turner was hired as the VP of sales and Marketing with the promise of future advancement in the organization. The nature of the MLI acquisition is the foundation of the issues confronting Jamie Turner. Pat Cardullo is the president of another successful Triple S division, and is in consideration of a major promotion. This fact left the organization without a workable plan to accomplish the unsustainable goals created by Cardullo. Cardullo was involved in details of the organization that would have been better handled by middle managers. Top managers focusing on implementation will leave an organization without the strategic planning needed to remain competitive. Cardullo also had an abrasive manner that was disruptive in the organization. Cardullo lacked the...
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