Jalebi Management

Topics: Management, Business, Business ethics Pages: 12 (3991 words) Published: August 28, 2008
Simple definition of the management is ‘managing men tactfully’. In other words it is nothing but ‘getting things done through and with the people’. Practices of management have undergone different changes. Change is the law of nature. The only permanent thing is nothing but the change. One, who fails to adopt the change, lags behind. This rule is universal. “Being flexible’ is need of hour. Business without management is like the car without the wheels. Business management aims at managing all the human and non human resources in an effective way to attain the overall growth. Emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept has diversified the dimensions of business growth. All the factors associated with the business needs to take due care. The organizations follow different practices as per their suitability. No organization, like no individual, is like another. In similar way jalebis are also different from one another. Bringing the very jalebi that is consumed and enjoyed by our masses to the rarefied world of global business is in itself a message. Jalebi, for starters, is a common Indian sweet. Wikipedia traces the origin of the sweet to Punjab. “The Persian word for jalebi is ‘zoolbiah’. It is made from deep-fried, syrup-soaked batter and shaped into a large, chaotic pretzel shape,” The jalebi’s peculiarity is its decidedly rounded shape, despite idiosyncratic gaps that can have jagged edges, in similar way jalebi management is about blending ‘the ocean of humanity with industry’. Consumers across the world say they don’t understand business jargon. Jalebi Management helps to describe different concepts practiced in corporate management in language that every one outside as well as inside the world of business would understand it.

Concept of Jalebi management:
The concept of jalebi Management is coined by Indian Bengali author – Shombit Sengupta. He is an international business strategy consultant whose domain specialization includes corporate transformation, branding, product design and retail addiction. He created the Emotional Surplus business strategy and implementation, which brings sustainable top line and bottom line growth for organizations in business. How can the jalebi, which represents the sweet desire of a billion plus people of India and a few developing countries, weave global business? When sophisticated developed countries are zeroing in on India and China for markets, manufacturing and backend support for product and service development, Jalebi Management shows how to handle tomorrow’s overly competitive business world, and how to win markets with inventive power. It involves the theme of equating the complexity of business and its management to a jalebi, a traditional oriental dessert relished in India and the Arab countries. It demonstrates that business organizations of today must be sensitive to the nuances of global social culture so as to bring about quantum growth The idea of connecting this delicious, uneven pretzel in syrup to an organization's value chain with its several functioning layers is to make the company's culture sensitive to the desires of consumers. These management techniques and his views are not just creative, but grounded in reality. “Jalebi Management by Shombit Sengupta is an important landmark focusing on the need for businesses going global to innovate and adapt to local social issues.

Dimensions of Jalebi Management –
oCustomer Sensitivity – The center of jalebi indicate the most important component without whom the business can’t survive. Customer is the King. According Mahatma Gandhi, customer is the important visitor of the organization’s surrounding. Businesses are dependent on customers and not the customers are...
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