Cmi 5002

Topics: Management, Leadership, Situational leadership theory Pages: 9 (2562 words) Published: April 17, 2013
1. Understanding the links and differences between management and leadership

1.1 Discuss the concept of leaders as effective managers

Leadership and management go hand in hand but is not the same thing, but are linked and compliment each other. There has been debate about the difference between leadership and management. With some believing there is no distinction, while others that they should be separated in two defined roles.

A common definition is:

Management is about the day to day running of a function and getting the right people and resources in the right place with a focus upon implementation. Leadership is about creating a vision for that function and gaining peoples commitment by strategic direction. (NHSBT 5013 Workshop booklet)

Effective management deals with resources, finances, time management and the coordination and control over these elements. Managers set goals and focus on reaching their targets. Have good organizational skills and will place people in roles to get the job the task complete. Have detailed planning taking into account adverse events that could prevent them completing task or achieving target. If the outcome gives worse results than expected an effective manager will look to provide a solution.

Effective leadership deals with the people their opinions, behaviour and attitude. They will inspire and engage people to follow them and vision. Focus is on building relationships with people around them, can be an effective part of team and lead it at the same. Effective leaders teach others, learn themselves and are able to admit mistakes righting wrongs and apologising quickly. They can adapt to issues and problems if they arise, confronting reality and issues head on. Leaders will develop trust and subsequently is able to practise accountability, holding themselves and others accountable along with responsibility for results.

How managers and leaders motivate their people to work or follow them is one of the main differences. By definition managers have subordinates and have a transactional style. The manager telling them what to do and with reward staff will do as asked. Where as leaders have followers, and following is voluntary. Managers plan details, focus on objectives, targets and managing the work. Manager tells and looks for and wants results, leader sells the idea or vision looking for achievement. With managers result focused, short term results can be high. However longer term, without development, motivated and inspired staff there will be a lack of innovation. Ultimately the team or organisation will be static and their performance will never excel. An example of this from NHSBT: 2008 new systems and processes were implemented with limited input from users (shop floor). Results improved for a short term. However there was no continuous improvement, development, innovation or feeling of ownership. Staff and donor (customer) satisfaction, motivation dropped with targets and objectives not reached. Alternatively without a management style or focus, day to day performance and results can suffer with only longer term vision strategy focused upon.

1.2 Discuss the concept of leaders as effective managers

Leadership fundamentals:
Have a clear vision or purpose of the future
Lead through the change to reach that vision
Shows commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm for the organisation. And is able to generate these same qualities in their people. •Listens to their people
Empowers staff and creates confidence for them to perform their role but also for them to explore how to perform better.

Majority of leaders in organisations are also in managerial roles. Having an understanding and being able to perform aspects of both roles can be advantageous as managers and supervisors need leadership abilities. Managerial style is good for task achievement, setting goals, focusing on the processes. For this reason, managers to...
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