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Task 1 – List 5 qualities that a ‘good’ teacher should have and give reasons for your choices. Which of these qualities do you consider to be more important, and why?

a)Motivator: In my opinion being able to motivate the students into studying is the most important aspect of teaching. Doing that induces a higher level of attention and absorption during classes and also stimulates students to look deeper in the subject.

b)Knowledgeable: A teacher who is corrected by his student’s losses an attention that is hard to recover. I am not talking about basic mistakes, made while being in a hurry, but having structural or basic common sense lacks in the mastery of the subject.

c)Love his job: As I detailed in the e-mail I sent, I worked 8 years in a high school (primary to high-school students, more than 1300 students) and I saw all types of teachers. The only ones with above average results were the one who, even after years of teaching, loved what they we’re doing. Also, the students feel you when you are in front of them, and, as most humans, respond with appreciation for someone who is true to his beliefs (which results in higher awareness during classes). Teaching is a vocational track, you must have a penchant for this, just as Art, Music or Dance require.

d)Interaction: The teacher must be able to sync with his students in order to take them where he wants them. Especially with young learners, you must get to know each one to be able to interact and lead them in a way they accept, and learn from it. Also, each class may require a certain type of interaction / teaching / playing, and knowing how to approach them means success or failure.

e)Involve: This is the trickiest skill, and, in my opinion, the hardest to master. But a teacher will work with hundreds of students every year, and each one must get a sip from the “cup” a teacher and a course is. It is very hard to find the thin line, and truly equally involvement I don’t think exists, because teachers are humans, and so are students. Teacher’s develop sympathies, same do students (for teachers, courses etc.). But even the most uninvolved student must get the chance to show what he knows / he can do, in a non-degrading environment. Also, a class is judged by averages, not by extremes. Task 2 – State what you consider to be the five most important roles of a teacher. Describe each role and say why you think it is important.

a)Facilitator/Resource: As a facilitator / resource the teacher’s role to give at the start of a activity all the “tools” students need to participate and complete tasks by themselves undisturbed. Also he exists there to give a helpful advice, or a different angle on the problem, without solving it. It may be just my point of view, based on my experience until now, but what you understand by yourself is harder to forget than what you have been taught by others, and also, knowledge transforms in skills and competences.

b)Organizer: In this role, the teacher will design the activity, making sure the students understand the activity, their roles in it, and, at the end, helps them why they had to go through that activity (feedback and debriefing) As students under certain ages don’t have all the skills or the interest necessary for following the rules of an activity, the teacher’s role is crucial in keeping a strong direction in which the activity goes. Except adults (but even in their case the attention and focus diminishes greatly after 45 minutes of focus), every age has its own issues when it comes to following a scripted play.

c)Prompter: In this case the teacher has more of a support role, being the person who encourages the student to continue, to look for other ways of solving a problem, or just reminding them the end of their last sentence. Compared to the other roles (except participant) this one puts the teacher in a very friendly and non-authoritative position. In my opinion its potential...
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