Italian Tourism

Topics: Italy, Tourism, Switzerland Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Questions: How long are these typically? What kinds of current information do you want? 1. Statement of the Problem:
Problem: Italy is falling short in terms of tourism numbers. We want to boost tourism numbers by encouraging more tourists from a younger generation. History of the issue: Italy has been in the top five most popular tourist countries based on the amount of arrivals in a given year for the past five years. Current Information on the issue:

Intended Outcome of the Planned Campaign: Italian tourism increased 5.7% from 2010 to 2011 but countries close to Italy (Spain above, and Turkey below) are increasing their tourism numbers at a higher rate. This campaign will be put into place to make sure we have a higher number of incoming tourists, with the ultimate goal of entering the top three in the world, joining the United States and France. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2. Client Organization:

Italian Tourism: Website:
Description of Italy:
3. Situation Analysis (SWOT):
Strengths: Italy already has a well-established tourism presence in the world (5th in the world). Here I will list some of the site highlights Italy offers (Rome, Venice, Milan, etc.); the food offered in the country, sports, entertainment/nightlife. Weaknesses: For those looking to stay in modest comfort, travel costs can pile on pretty quick ( Italian economy is hurting, and the monuments that many come to see are becoming run down because of lower budgets for maintenance ( Opportunities:

Threats: Italy’s debt may scare foreign tourists.

Questions: Are we looking for current demographics and continuing their trends, or are we picking demographics we would like to see travel to this country? 4. Research of Target Publics (No interview, focus groups, etc): Demographics: Tourists by countries (In...
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