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Topics: Lawn mower, Mower, Tractor Pages: 4 (1113 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Final Project in Information Technology
“Indego – robotic lawn mower”

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Alyana Mariz A. Araw
BIT 11

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Mrs. Marnelli B. Erquita

Date Submitted:
October 1, 2012

Table of Contents
Background of the Technology---------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

Features of the Technology---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4

Advantages & Disadvantages---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5

How to use the technology: User’s Manual-------------------------------------------------- 6

Pictures of the technology--------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 - 7

Group’s Pictures----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8

Bibliography-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9

III. Background of the Technology

Developing a more intelligent and efficient way of mowing the front lawn, Bosch wants you to put your feet up while a small, green robot does all the work. Drawing similarities to the Roomba vacuum cleaner, Bosch has developed a robotic, electric lawn mower that will mow a lawn without the need for direct supervision. According to IEEE Spectrum , the Bosch Indego will cut up to 1,000 square meters at a time, approximately a quarter of an acre. Using the provided wiring, the Indego owner must define the perimeter of the yard in order to help the electric lawn mower understand the boundaries of the property. The robotic lawn mower will automatically avoid obstacles in the path of the mower such as large rocks, lawn decorations, toys left out by kids and other small objects.  The mower can operate for twenty minutes before automatically returning to the charging pad and recharging the lithium-ion battery. After spending 90 minutes to...
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