It 218 Week 4 Checkpoint

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IT 218 Week 4 Checkpoint
Jerimeh Jackson
IT 218
August 24, 2012

IT 218 Week 4 Checkpoint
What are the definition and an example of a pointer?
A pointer can be defined as a memory address. To further explain this definition, we declared a variable of (name). It will look much like this (int name). Every variable will occupy some memory. Now we will declare another variable to under (int name). This variable will be (int name-1), and now this variable is declared as a pointer to (int name).What makes it a pointer is the fact that (name-1) points towards (int name) in a memory storage sense. Basically the pointer to (int name) is the contents of (int name-1). In simple terms, the pointer is not a variable at all. It is the place a specific variable will store and access its information.

What are the definition and an example of an array?
An array is a variable that holds more than more than one value, and an array can be combined with multiple variables for a more complex structure. An array is declared much similar with any other variable. The only difference is the number of elements is shown in brackets. An example of an array will be look much like these three: calories [ min ], 30 [ 7 ], and feet [ 12 ]. Each one of these arrays can be used as long as it is appropriate for the program.

What is the difference between a one-dimensional and a two-dimensional array?
A one dimensional array is a variable that holds more than one index value such as car [ 13 ]. A Two dimensional array will hold two different index values such as car [ 10 ] [ 6 ].
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