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CheckPoint: Don't Count on it

IT 205
Joel Balkum

The FDCA project is an evolution into the technology age for the U.S. Census Bureau. Implementing handheld electronic devices improves the effectiveness of the collection process because it cuts down the use of paper for recording data, it replaces hardcopy maps that collectors would carry to find their way around, saves time and money, and makes staying organized easier to do which improves data quality and credibility. The problems that the Census Bureau faced when implementing the new wireless data collection system started with the Federal government neglecting to hire certified program managers and qualified executives to oversee the project. From there, there was a lack of testing if the system and devices, that Harris Corp. supplied, were effective enough to collect data. Results later in the collection process showed that the devices were too slow in transmitting the data within the system. The steps that I would have taken if I was in control of the FDCA project would first be to hire centerfield and qualified programmers, executive and employees to oversee and put the project into motion. The next thing I would do is to hire a credible company that can provide a reliable system and handheld devices. Once I have selected the company, I would put the system and devices through a series of test to see the effectiveness and compatibility. When the system and devices are adequate enough to use in the actual data collection process I would start training everyone on how to use it then start of by using it in a small collection area, gradually expanding as needed.
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