Issues Facing Singapore Telecoms

Topics: Telephone, Telecommunication, Competition Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: October 30, 2010
Singapore Telecoms is the Asia’s leading communications company that provides a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, Internet, info-communications technology and satellite. Standing as one the most profitable Singapore firm with a profit of $1.88 billion for the financial year 1998/1999 despite Asian is having an economic downturn at that period of time. Singapore Telecoms has 120 years of operating experience in Singapore and has played an integral part in the development of the country as a major communications hub. In these recent years, there were several issues that Singapore Telecoms have been facing. First and forth most, with the government’s good intention to privatize Singapore Telecoms in order to liberalize the industry, it introduces competition in the once monopoly market of telecommunication industry. New players like MobileOne (M1) came into the picture in April 1997, vying for the mobile sector’s market share. In just two year time, it had successfully taken 32% of the market share mainly due to its marketing savvy, attention to customer services and network quality. Singapore Telecoms had started price wars with this new competitor and had a record of slashing its rates twice within a day in order to countermove its competitor’s strategy. Up and coming competitor like StarHub, which is backed by some largest global telecoms providers will be make available in the market providing fixed line services. With these competitors coming into the industry, Singapore Telecoms is forced to be innovative in its strategy in order to maintain its position as the leading service provider.

Secondly, with the impact of the Asian crisis that happened in 1998, it affected majority of the Asian countries as well as the businesses in Singapore. Singapore Telecoms closed its Financial Year 1998/1999 with a drop 1.2 percent in its revenue, operating profits decreases by 10.5 percent and operating expenses rose by 6...
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