Issues Affecting the Aged

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Issues Affecting the Aged
Charity Booth
February 18, 2013
Barbara Kennedy

Issues Affecting the Aged
There are several issues, trends, and problems that are affecting the aged population in today’s society. Not only are they dealing with the biological, physical, emotional, and mental issues that go along with aging, they are also dealing with economy and societal acceptance of the aged. There are many misconceptions of the elderly and this causes a stigma between the younger and older generations. While it is true that with age comes change, it is not true that all older adults suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, loss of memory, senility, or stubbornness. There are some elderly people that live productive, healthy lives while growing old gracefully. This discussion will cover the topics that are affecting the aged in our communities: the biological changes including health and fitness; the overall decline in cognition; coping with death; and the grieving process of a loved one. Biological Changes

People age biologically at different rates, while some seem physically fit; their mental processing has slowed; some are mentally alert but have physical impairments brought on by aging. (Beck, 2010) The changes occur over time and are not usually noticed until they have manifested in a way that is noticeable such as gaining weight, loss of vision and hearing capabilities, loss of strength, baldness, sagging skin, etc. It is at this point that most people begin to notice their age and begin to back track. For some they delve into a life of proper eating, exercise and activities; for others they give in to the aging process and let age take its full effect upon them. There are ways in which an individual can prolong the aging process through nutritional eating, regular exercise, and healthy associations. Exercise reduces the caloric intake, reduces fatty tissues, and keeps the heart in proper condition while the lack of exercise increases caloric intake,...
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