Islamic Management Theory

Topics: Muhammad, Islam, Kaaba Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Flat and Lean Organization
* The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used
* easily accessible to the Muslim society of the time who would come with a lot of issues and affairs to be resolved by the Prophet (PBUH). * always lead from the front and never shied away from doing his personal chores  Participative Style of Management Based on Consultations and Brainstorming * The Prophet (PBUH) used a consultative form of decision making, in which he would listen to the ideas of others and only then a decision would be taken * Brainstorming was extensively used and encouraged. 

*  During one of the battles, the battle of Khandaq where the Muslim army faced a much bigger foe of ten thousand Meccans, a brainstorming session was held on how to ward off the pagans of Mecca. Many ideas were entertained, but the idea that was implemented came from Salman Farsi, a Persian by ethnicity, who had come all the way to Arabia searching for the True Prophet. He gave the idea of digging a big ditch around the entire city, called the “Khandaq”, which was many meters wide and deep. The Khandaq would make it very hard for the invading army to enter the city, as was the norm for battles in Persia. Even at the time of digging the Khandaq, an arduous task, the Prophet led from the front and performed his due share in excavating it. It is also reported that there was a very hard rock at one place of the Khandaq which the companions of the Prophet were having difficulty breaking. The Holy Prophet(PBUH) helped by striking such a hit on the rock that it broke apart. Conflict Resolution

* before attaining prophet-hood,  a conflict arose amongst the four main tribes of Mecca during the building of the Kaaba. The sacred black stone was the center of the conflict when each tribe wanted the honor of placing the stone in the Kaaba. * After much debate and argument, it was decided that the first man to enter the gate the following morning would decide who would have the honor of placing...
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