God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam Related to Principles of Management

Topics: God, Religion, Monotheism Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: April 26, 2013
God in Judaism, Christianity and Islam related to Principles of Management
Attending monthly meetings as a member of the Socratic Club has been a great experience because it provides me with insight to the fundamental elements that built religious faiths and continues to maintain them. A Gonzaga Alumni Lyra Pitstick, hosted this topic in relation to her essay; "When witnesses disagree: the concept of God in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam." This was hosted in College Hall on Friday, February 15th from 4.00-5.30 pm. It was a matter of whether or not these three distinct Abrahamic religions could possibly worship the same god they have always thought to be different. I find these topics interesting because I lack substantial religious background and have always exerted more thoughts toward logical aspects about the universe we inhabit. Although I have been an Atheist for over 15 years, I would really like to become Agnostic and acquire faith in something. This has proved to be an arduous ambition so far. The idea of faith is often exposed in these meetings. Friday's session presented a very sensible argument because these Abrahamic religions posses a similar concept of an infinite power or deity.

The first aspect of conversation dealt with the philosophical concept of identity and agreement. Within the monotheistic religions they would each refer to Allah or God, where these names are synonymous. This results in a possible referential agreement. Then logically rendered null upon conceptual disagreements where the Jewish/Christian God is Trinitarian and not a homosapien, versus Allah the God to Muslims is not Trinitarian and is thought to be homosapien. During this segment I was thinking about potential concepts from class and considering all of the disagreement and war that has lasted for so long between certain religions. It reminded me about the SWOT analysis where a firm recognizes their internal and external environments because religions (in a...
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