An Analysis of the Pakistani Management Style: a Review of Waheed Sons

Topics: Management, Business, Term Pages: 8 (3072 words) Published: August 14, 2008
Management Practices
Business Philosophy
The business has no formal vision and mission statements. The owners of the business do not believe in taking a lot of risk or making capital investments in to the business. Waheed Sons demonstrates a typical Pakistani Seth organization culture within its ranks. Most of the decisions are taken by the owners of the business. The owner’s objective is to maximize their return on investment. They do not believe in Human Resource development. Most of the labor is hired on contractual basis. Only the sales force and finance people are permanent employees of the business. In the words of the General Manager their business Philosophy is “Customers pay cash today, take delivery tomorrow”. Overall our business philosophy is to maximize profits by obtaining the cheapest rates of tiles in Chinese markets and selling them in Pakistan efficiently. Our business is based on trust and long term relationships with suppliers and customers. So a better way to explain our business policy is ‘doing business based on trust and long term relationships to optimize advantages for Waheed Sons along with its customers and suppliers As far as our analysis they do not have any business Philosophy as such apart from the fact that they are in the business of ceramic tiles. We do believe that Waheed Sons can progress a lot if it develops its own vision and mission statements because its market is growing due to development in the construction sector. General Management

Even though the flow of decision is top to bottom as is in most Pakistani organizations, Waheed Sons tries to incorporate the opinion of the other members of the organization but not all the time. Quarterly meetings are held between all levels of the management where the top management takes feedback of the sales staff and the regional managers and the general manager before making an outline of the purchasing (import) decision. Other than these quarterly meetings, monthly meetings are held between the general manager and the regional manager to set the sales targets. Further communication between the hierarchical levels in different zones (North, Central and South) takes place through telephone calls. Waheed Sons tries to follow an open door policy and informal meeting take place all the time. Sales staff can at any time reach the General Manager or the Regional Manager to provide their input or hold informal meetings. But according to our analysis, the only objective of these meetings is to tighten up the sales force to achieve their targets. Their opinions might have been heard but the decisions are taken in the end by owners on their own personal discretion. Operations

Waheed Sons as mentioned earlier is an importer/distributor of sanitary wares and tiles from China and other Far-eastern countries. Majority of their products come from China but a small portion of their imports also come from Vietnam and Malaysia. They work with intermediaries and also directly with manufacturers. Mostly they are working with intermediaries or supplier as they would call them. The intermediaries introduce them to producers so that they can pick the designs and product quality. The product quality is very important as China manufacturers a variety of quality classes. They have their own brand by the name of PORTA. The products under this brand name are sourced from private label manufacturers who would manufacture according to the buyer’s specifications and stamp the buyer’s brand name on the products. When asked about the operations in detail and specifically the role of the intermediary, it was highlighted that the intermediary is very important as he will use his local knowledge to take them to the best suppliers. Plus the intermediary is also responsible to store your goods in his warehouse before shipment, books the shipping line and loads the containers. He is basically responsible for streamlining the supply process back in China. But the whole...
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