Is the Roman Colosseum Ethical?

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Is the Roman Colosseum Ethical?
By: Evan Spehn
Today we use the Roman colosseum for our own entertainment. Weather it would be gladiators fighting, track and field events, boxing, or just wrestling. With all these events, do you ever think to yourself that all this killing is ethical? To me it is very ethical. The people we watch fight to the death volunteer themselves to fight. If they manage to win they become very wealthy and famous. Even if they do not volunteer to fight the gladiators are usually slaves wanting the right to become free and start a new life. The only way to earn this free life is to win battles against gladiators. To some people this might seem unethical. At first people might think we are the craziest people in the world, but after a while they realize that we do not force them to fight so it is ethical. Eventually they grow to love the fights. Besides gladiator fights people seem to love the sports that occur in the Roman colosseum. I think everyone can agree that a sport is ethical. Watching some of the best athletes from Rome is really amazing to watch. The younger kids really look up to them. Although not every kids will become an all-star athlete, it is the thought of having a role model can really shape a kid’s life. In conclusion I believe that the Roman colosseum is ethical because of the volunteers or the slaves that are trying to earn freedom, the amazing athletes, and the role models that the kids look up too. At first it might seem unethical, but eventually everyone will see how fun and entertaining the colosseum really is.
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