Unequal Pay in Sport

Topics: Gender, Grand Slam, Tennis Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Sports have become arguably the single most important institution in our nation. They have overcome issues of race, colour, and class. However, one area that faces continual struggling is that of gender equality. More especially, areas of concern include male and female athlete pay. I strongly disagree with the contention that pay in sport should always be equitable between genders. In fact I believe (sorry ladies) men deserve to be paid more. Picture this; Ancient Rome 100 BC. Big beefy gladiators marching into the coliseum. Owned by the wealthy Romans. It’s packed with crowds, booing and cheering as they fight for their lives against each other. Now, let’s fast forward. Grand final day 2013. Richmond playing Collingwood at the MCG. Supporters, sponsors, live television and corporate business’ everywhere! Oh, sorry. Just a quick question, does anyone know the name of the Australian women’s netball team? No? Oh good, neither did I.

Should Wimbledon and other sports competitions offer equal prize money for men and women? It is alright for mens and womens prizes to be different in sports, as men’s competitions generally generate far more attention and revenue than women’s competitions. It is a simple fact that men’s sports competitions tend to draw much more interest, attendance, and revenue than women’s sports competitions. It is, therefore, fair if a men’s prize is more than a womens, since the prize is generated from revenues. To do otherwise would actually be unfair, as the man would actually be subsidizing the women. If men and women play the same game, then the prize money should be the same. But they don't! In tennis men play the best of 5 sets; women play the best of 3 sets. That alone defines an obvious difference. It's not the same game when it's not the same effort. If it were equal, then they should play each other as well, in theory. But they can't and won't because there is no equally of strength, skill, and (apparently) stamina. Play 5 sets...
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