Is Playing Mahjong a Good Entertainment?

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Is playing mahjong a good entertainment?
Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game that requires skill, strategy, and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck in order to defeat your opponents. It is a good leisure for people relieving boredom and gathering with friends. However, Mahjong is also popularly played as gambling which may lead to plenty of issues. Therefore, playing mahjong has always been a debate among people. The aim of this paper is to discuss the pros & cons of playing Mahjong in order to figure out whether playing mahjong is a good entertainment or not.

About Mahjong
Mahjong is a popular game for four players that originated in China. The name of “Mahjong” was based on its Chinese name “麻雀máquè” which means a sparrow. It was not an ordinary game in the ancient China as it was played by the royal. However, it has become very common and popular nowadays, especially among the Chinese communities. As long as you get exposure to the Chinese community, you would hear the sound of “sparrow”. The fascination of Mahjong is due to its complex and variability, which will never let people get bored. Player will draw or pick up a tile and then discard one of his own. The object is to create melds, either four or five, and a pair depends on which type of mahjong game you are playing. A player wins when he completes his hand, usually consisting of 14 or 17 tiles.

Pros of playing mahjong
Playing mahjong requires good mathematic calculations, strategies and memory skill. This is the good benefit for people, it keeps their mind occupied and well-used. Anyone who plays the game often knew it is very much about strategy and mathematics, without any calculators. So, playing mahjong can help with memory skills and help to keep your mind sharp, similar to the way puzzle’s effect on people. Keeping your mind sharp by exercising it through games helps people react to situations and make decisions faster. In...
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