Is Nanotechnology the Next Technological Breakthrough?

Topics: Nanotechnology, Cancer, Manufacturing Pages: 4 (945 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Is Nanotechnology the Next Technological Breakthrough?

Automobile revolutionized how people traveled. It increased mobility and economic activity. New employment opportunities arose in areas such as highway construction, retail gas sales, auto sales, food and hospitability. The next technological breakthrough came with the introduction of computers. Starting from 1950’s to date computers evolved from basic computing devices to complex devices, which are used to extend human ability in various areas such as communications, access to information, information processing, artificial intelligence, real time simulation and graphic arts. We are at the emergence of yet another technological breakthrough Nanotechnology, which is the engineering of the functional systems at the molecular level. (What is Nanotechnology?) Nanotechnology can improve healthcare, reduce cost of existing technologies and create new knowledge that expand human possibilities. Nanotechnology has various applications in medicine. One application is employing nanoparticles to deliver drugs and other substances to cancer cells. Particles are engineered to attach to the cancer cells directly. Ethylene glycol molecules are used to stop white bloods cells to attack the nanoparticles therefore increasing the circulation time in the human body. Once the cancer cell is located the payload is delivered or alternatively, X-ray is used to activate the electrons of the nanoparticle to destroy the tumor. (Nanotechnology in Medicine -Nanomedicine) Targeted drug delivery technique using nanoparticles reduces the risk of damaging the healthy cells. New therapy techniques such as using Nano fibers to stimulate, the production of cartilage in joints and using alimunosilicate nanoparticles to absorb water to make blood clot faster are being developed. Recent advances in diagnostics and imaging using nanotechnology can improve preventative medicine. Using quantum dots composed of silicon can be used to...
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