The Revelations of Nanotechnology and Evolution Theory

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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The Revelations of Nanotechnology and Evolution Theory
By James Ceasar A. Ventura

Life, as how many Darwinians believe, started from a very simple cell which came into existence as a result of series of biochemical reactions in the bowls of life soup – the oceans. Throughout time, this tiny cell developed with increasing sophistications and complexities. From a cell, life started to swim in the oceans, then, it learned to crawl in the shores and river banks. Eventually, it grew feet and walked and ran at tera firm. Still unsatisfied, it developed wings and soared the skies. Aside from man coming from hominids and that we are cousins with the weeping zoo chimpanzee (Why do we cage our cousins anyway?), the theory of evolution tells us that in order for life to sustain its existence it has to learn new things, and if possible, create new things. Why learn and create? Simply because living organisms have needs for them to address or else death! When the early water reptiles needed to reach for more food in land due to increasing competition, they started crawling until they developed fact to walk. When these land reptiles needed to move fast enough to catch smallest and insects, they learned to glide and eventually developed wings to fly. Because of new needs, organisms have to adopt by learning and creating. Human beings brought it to a higher level. We do not grow new parts of the body. We actually discover new things and call these discoveries collectively as “Science! Using this science, we invent/create new things and collectively, we call these inventions “Technologies.” It is evident that even up to now, now that we are already so complex, composed of billions of cells, we still have to learn and create new things. We still have needs to satisfy. The ugly part – while we are improving, while we learn and create, our needs are actually changing. And as long as there is something we have to satisfy – a need to be provided, a wanting to be pacified, and...
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