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Topics: Employment, Conflict process, Conflict management Pages: 3 (770 words) Published: May 18, 2013
1. Explain why, conceptually atleast, IR seems to infer disagreement between employer and employee? Conflict, they say is inevitable, wherever there is human interaction. Since each individual works for his own interest and profit, It becomes quite difficult to accept a situation which is not in line with their interests and beliefs. Similarly in organizations, what motivates disagreements between employers and employees is the idea that the company goals are not in line with the goals of the employee. Since conflict becomes an inherent part of the interaction, it becomes necessary to resolve differences to ensure smooth functioning of the organization. Conflict management and resolution then become important part to resolve the issues between the two parties. The sooner such issues get resolved the better it is for the organization to get back on normal track and get the maximum productivity. There are mainly two broad reasons of conflict at workplaces: •Work and Nature of it: Although both the employee and employer understand the nature of work and goals to be achieved, but the differences arise when the ways of achieving efficiency is not the same. Employees may have their own style of working even though the employer expects a different methodology. For example an employee might desire some freedom to work whereas an employer wants them to work under some orthodox set of parameters. •Policies- Rules are rules and organization makes them to bring an order and discipline in the present state of affairs. However, at same time, there are some rules that have got withered with time and may not stand the test of times. On other hand there can be rules that are important and need to be enforced for a safer and more productive culture. No matter what’s its nature, the conflict generally arise in such situation because of inability of parties involved to read the bigger picture. Such scenarios always involve zero tolerance at individual levels and at same time...
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