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JUNE 2009

Emotional Intelligence: EQ vs. IQ
Carol Stone
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Goals & Perception
Decision Making
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Carol Stone
orporate Marketin
Vice President, C
C. R. Bard, Inc.
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Emotional Intelligence: EQ vs. IQ:


Q and emotional intelligence
are not opposing competencies,
but rather separate ones…. All
of us mix IQ and emotional intelligence
in varying degrees.” Daniel Goleman,
Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence
It’s what makes us respond to a crying
baby, a furrowed brow or a smiling face.
It’s also what brings us together, lifts us
upward and inspires us onward. Defined by
psychologists in the early ‘90s, Emotional
Intelligence is the ability to monitor one’s
own and others’ feelings and emotions, to
discriminate among them and to use this
information to guide one’s thinking and
actions. “Know thyself,” said Plutarch,
writing in ancient Greece. Now extend that
to others.
EI vs. IQ
Emotion, according to the experts, is an
unconscious state, distinct from cognition
(thinking), volition (will) or motivation.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is “a set
of cognitive abilities which allows us to
acquire knowledge, to learn and to solve
problems.” Given this, IQ and EI seem like
contradictions in terms, an oxymoron, an
“us vs. them.” But IQ/EQ tests not
withstanding, Emotional Intelligence is not
the opposite of intelligence. Rather it is a
unique intersection of the two that can
enable you to use your emotions to help you
solve problems and live a more effective
life – both at home and at work.
The EI Advantage
While no...
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