Ipremier Case

Topics: Better, Improve, Data management Pages: 2 (545 words) Published: April 6, 2013
1. I believe during the seventy-five minute attack iPremier company performed in a tolerable way considering the means they had but could had a better plan and resources. Bob Turley was never acquainted with the emergency procedure therefore was unfamiliar with procedures. In addition, the procedure binder was out dated and missing for the other staff members to use. One of the main problems was not having access to their own data center at Qdata. The reason they been using this data center because of a personal relationship of the owner, this should not be the case and may seen as unethical. Next the company could not agree if they should pull the plug or not. There was both concern for credit card safety and loosing logging data. If I were Bob Turley I would have reviewed over the emergency procedure and improved it according. I would have appointed someone to contact Qdata and explain the situation so we would get access to the data center quicker. In addition, if we had a response team I would have listen to them if we should have pulled the plug or not to protect our customer’s information.

2. I believe the company’s operating procedures were not completely deficient but do need an improvement. The reason for this is because they lack of knowledge of the binder placing and outdated procedure. In addition, it was unclear how the CEO was going to be contacted and what information would be distributed. We could improve the operating procedures by having an updated and prepared emergency procedure binder, which would instruct workers what to do in case of any emergency. In addition, having a structure communication system to identify whom to contact in case of an emergency. Finally, making sure the contract with Qdata and who can access the data center since they had trouble accessing it.

3. In order to be better prepared for another attack in the future, iPremier’s has to know the risk they have with their security. They have to take in...
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