Invisible Youth

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Thinking all the historical circumstances, it can be claimed that Turkey is a developing country and carries a great demographical potential. The basic measure that decides a country’s development level is, that country’s economy. It shouldn’t be forgotten that activities of young population who are between ages of 15-24, (European countries and international foundations consider ages of 15-24 as young population) takes an important place in economic growth. In reference to TÜİK 2011 data, in Turkey, percentage of young population to total population is 16.8. Considering the ratio, Turkey has a great demographical advantage among the many developed European countries.But, nearly 40 percent of youth have no proper education and/or unemployed and 18 percent seems unemployed. This rate is almost twice the national average. Also recent studies suggest that, participation of young people among active population in working life has a low percentage.

While it is not possible to talk with the same rates, actually since 1970s it can be said that youth unemployment problem exists in many countries which has a low economic growth rate but high population growth rate. From an economic perspective, the economic boom of 2008 which is considered the biggest crisis since 1929, unemployment increased extremely. Young people are effected from crisis more than others.This situation stems from such reasons as inequality in education, lack of job training opportunities, skill mismatch, gender discrimination, decrease in the minimum wages, and psychological causes. Moreover there is one other reason which has great effect on world by many aspects and must be analyzed well, and it is globalization. There are various opinions on this issue and corelation between globalization and unemployment hasn’t been clarified yet but even so its psychological effects on young people’s willingness to work are obvious.

As shown in, invisible youth...
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