Children with Working Parents

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  • Published: April 9, 2012
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A Proposal to Investigate the Feasible and Psychologically Constructive Solutions for Children with Working Parents

Table of Contents
1. Introduction2
2. Problem Definition2
2.1. Time Management:2
2.2. Quality of Time:3
3. Proposed Solution Alternatives3
3.1 Improvement of Time Management:3
3.2 Improvement The Quality of Time Spending with Children:3
3.3 Web-cam Application:3
4. Criteria4
4.1Psychology of Children4
5. Methodology4
5.1Interview with Children Psychologist4
5.2Survey with Children Who has Working Parents4
5.3Internet Search4
6. References5

A Proposal to Investigate the Feasible and Psychologically Constructive Solutions for Children with Working Parents 1. Introduction
“A young human being below the age of puberty or below the legal age of majority” [1] is the definition of child in Oxford dictionary. The world’s population is estimated to 7 billion with 2 billion children. [2] Turkey has a population of 73,722,998 and including approximately 22.6 million (30.7 %) children.[3] They have an important slide of the population and they are the adults of future. However, as recent conditions are required working more, there exist psychological problems of children with working parents. In this proposal it is intended to investigate the psychology of children with working parents and the possible solutions to influence the psychology of the children with working parents positively by evaluating alternatives. 2. Problem Definition

The researches alert that the children with working parents have some psychological and health problems. The study of Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality examines that child’s risk of having overnight hospitalizations, asthma episodes, and injuries or poisonings, a 200 percent increase if child has a working mother.[4]The NICHD Study of Early Child Care reports that a small minority of children ( 16%) who spent 30 hours or more per week in child care have higher levels of problem behaviors( such as fighting) [5].The reason behind these problems as follows; 2.1. Time Management:

Working parents may have problems with time management. After a long day at work, they have a lot of responsibilities at home; washing dishes, cooking, etc.; overtimes and loss of time in the traffic causes loss of time for working families. The study of ONS (Office for National Statistics) reported that working parents has only approximately 19 minutes every day for their children. [6] On the other hand, there exist some parents who spend more time with their children. They are able to make a good time management and spend enough time with their children. Thus the reason behind the 19 minutes for children is the time management problem of parents. 2.2. Quality of Time:

The other major cause is the quality of time parents spend with their children. The work stress and sleeplessness affects the quality of time between the parents and children. They do not have enough patience for their children. They usually do not have the energy to help their children home works, problems or games. 3. Proposed Solution Alternatives

Proposed solutions to influence the psychology of children with working parents positively; 3.1 Improvement of Time Management:
To increase the time spends with children, it is important to improve time management capabilities of the working parents. This will be good influences for the psychology of children. The steps for improvement of time management as follows; * Attending time management seminars,

* Conferences and workshops.
* Talking with other working parents who are successful at time management. * Reading books about the successful people with children. 3.2 Improvement The Quality of Time Spending with Children: Even though parents find time for their children, the quality of time is another important point for psychology of children. The alternatives to...
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