Investment Banking in Bangladesh

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  • Published: March 26, 2011
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It was a great pleasure to prepare a project on the various aspects and operations. We would like to thank and convey my gratitude to honorable teacher, Munir chowdhury, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Business Administration, for instruct me to prepare this project and we would also like to express my sincere appreciation to him for his wholehearted support and guidance.

Thanks him from the core of our Heart.


Importance of banking system in a country is increasing day by day. It is quite impossible for any country to develop in industrial and commercial sector without sound banking system in modern economic era. Merchant Banking performance is one of the significant functions of the bank. It plays a vital role in overall economy of the country. Bank collects information from numerous sources relating to cost and revenue from Merchant Banking operation. Banks is the intermediary of Merchant banking activities.

Globalization of national economies has given a boost to international trade. The seller and the buyer in an international trading transaction must agree for price enters into a sales contract. The impact on trade transactions currency policies of the merchant banking countries and risks associated with them.


* To present a project of Merchant Banking System of Trust Bank Ltd. * To know overall activities of the Merchant banking division. * To evaluate Merchant banking performance of The Trust Bank Ltd. * To evaluate the success of Merchant banking operations of Trust Bank.


For preparing this paper, we used both Secondary and Primary data as follows:
* Collection of Primary Data:

Many of the data and information were collected from my practical experience and queries from The Trust Bank Ltd. Information and data regarding overview of the TBL, interest rates & charges, performance measurement in...
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