Investment and Training

Topics: Investment, Rate of return, Training Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Evaluate the benefits for Tesco in providing a structured training program. To what extent do you think the training has achieved a Return on Investment?

The training program of Tesco was created to develop their workforce. It gives the opportunity to survey and evaluate their process according to their performance. This method brings the occasion to see if the employees make progress. They can also measure their work and improve it, in case of fail, concerning the objective that they have and want to achieve.

Training is beneficial for both, the company and employees.
The goal of training for the employees is to improve their skills and knowledge. It is a way to motivate them because thanks to it, employees can have a better performance. There is a possibility of career progression; employees can achieve their personal professional objectives which are settled in Activity Plans. -These Activity Plans have SMART objectives:

Specific – describes exactly what needs doing
• Measurable – has a target that can be measured against • Achievable – is possible within the trainee’s current role, skills and experience • Realistic – is achievable within the time and resources available • Time-framed – has a clear deadline.

For example, in hypermarkets, a checkout assistant can become the manager of the checkout sector thanks to training. So training allows his hierarchical evolution. A company uses training to invest in themselves and in their staff. -The other method is 360 degree appraisal: all the person concerned who have contact with employees can estimate the performance and give feedback. -To finish, Tesco also uses the self appraisal, that is to say that managers ask to employees 3 things they believe they good at and 3 other they could improve.

The goal of the training for the company is to inform their employees in case of material’s modification to help them to do their work better and so increase the profit of the company. Training also...
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