Investigation of How Changing the Volume of Water in a Container Affects Its Rate of Heat Loss

Topics: Heat, Thermodynamics, Temperature Pages: 4 (885 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Investigation of how Changing the Volume of Water in a Container Affects Its Rate of Heat Loss Aim :

To investigate how changing the volume of water in a container affects its rate of its heat loss. The variable of this investigation is the volume of water which is put in the container.

What I already know:

I already know that the larger the volume of water there is the less heat loss occurs. I can tell this from my previous pilot experiment where I investigated, if the volume of water in a beaker affects its rate of cooling.

In this experiment my conclusion was the beaker with the larger volume has no more heat energy to give out compared to the beaker with the smaller volume.


I predict that the increase of water volume in the beaker will affect the rate of heat loss; this is because of my results of the pilot experiment which gave me an understanding of the variable in my Investigation.


This is a list of all the apparatus I will need to use to investigate my variable.

300ml Beaker: to contain the volume of H2O.

Kettle : To heat up the H2O.

Thermometer: To measure the temperature of the H2O.

Stopwatch: To time the temperature of each volume of H2O every 30sec.

H2O : To investigate the rate of cooling.

Diagram: This diagram shows the format and layout of my experiment:


§ Collect Equipment needed for investigation.

§ Boil the water using the kettle.

§ Fill the beaker with the correct volume of water, then immediately insert the thermometer into the beaker with the boiling water. Remembering for safety reasons do not sit down while doing the experiment.

§ Start the stop watch immediately not forgetting to record the starting temperature. Take a reading from the thermometer every 30seconds, remembering to record results in a table.

§ Repeat this until all volumes of H2O has been investigated, but still using the same beaker for the next...
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