Water and Corn Syrup

Topics: Water, Surface tension, Chemistry Pages: 3 (697 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Corn Syrup
The secret to a good bubble is something called surface tension, an invisible bond that holds water molecules together. Water is a polar molecule, so it has plus and minus ends just like magnets that attract each other. When the water molecules align with each other they stick together, creating surface tension. You might think that it is the surface tension of the water that holds the skin of a bubble together. Actually, the surface tension of water is too strong to make a bubble. You can try yourself to blow a bubble with plain old water, it just won't work! A good bubble solution has a detergent added to it to relax the surface tension of the water, allowing it to have more elastic, stretchy properties. Now it can act more like the skin of a balloon, stretching out nice and thin, trapping air inside of the bubble like a liquid balloon. What do you need to make a good bubble solution at home? The basic ingredients are water and detergent. In this experiment, you will add glycerin or corn syrup to see if they can help you make better bubbles. Which solution will make the biggest bubbles? Which bubbles will last the longest? Terms & Concepts

To do this type of experiment you should know what the following terms mean. Have an adult help you search the Internet, or take you to your local library to find out more! * Water molecule
* Polar molecule
* Surface tension
* Physical properties
* Elastic properties
* Detergent
* Beaker
* Measuring Spoon
* Water
* Liquid Dishwashing Soap
* Glycerin
* Corn Syrup
* Permanent Marker
* Stopwatch
* Bubble Blowing Toy
1. First, make your bubble solutions, and store them in clearly labeled glass mason jars. Use one jar for each different solution and label with the formula using a permanent marker. Here are three basic solutions to try, but notice that the total volume of the solution...
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