Inventory System with Product Status Monitoring

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Dataworld Computer Center has been providing quality computer products and services to the leading business, government and educational institutions in Northern Mindanao (Region X) since 1983. Being the first vendor in the region to effectively provide its clients with a complete range of information technology solutions, they offer a wide range of quality computing products that provide appropriate and affordable solution that addresses the client’s needs. From personal desktops, their products also include servers, software, printers, networking equipment and solutions, and a complete range of computer supplies and peripherals. The main office of the company is located at 49 Don Tirso Nersi St., Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City. The company has 3 branch offices situated at SM City, Valencia City, and Butuan City. Dataworld Computer Center deals with a lot of customers’ every day. They entertain several types of customers such as walk-in customers, big companies, government agencies, private and public schools. The company acquires products from various suppliers which is monitored and recorded by their admin department and marketing and sales department. The marketing and sales department accepts orders and reservations from their customers as well as direct selling for walk-in customers.

Mission of the Company
Their mission is to be the best IT supplier that identifies, set trends and directions in the industry by continuously improving, upgrading, and maintaining high quality products while building up expertise in effective technological solutions.

Objectives of the Company
The company aims to prioritize the customer satisfaction with a right solution and right hardware at the right price delivered at a quickest possible time. The company pertains on handling new updates of technology via training, orientation, new modules to hand in within the employees to the company coming from their principals, distributors and partners. The company provides products that will assure their clients a better quality and technical support. The company runs the business with the guiding principles of a family which is “A Family that works together, stays together”. Thus, the company is proud of their relationship with their employees, creating an environment fostering harmony, teamwork, motivation, and productivity. 2. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Dataworld Computer Center manually handles their inventories as well as their product reservations which causes a handful of delay, loss of data integrity and is also subject to data loss. 1.2.1 Specific Problems

Upon interviews and observations conducted, here are the problems identified: 1. Manual recording sometimes lead to incorrectly recorded data such as the quantity, references numbers and many more. These data are recorded into stock cards which are handwritten and placed in small boxes alongside their desks. Though they can also use software such as excel, it is also subject to data duplication and because of this, there is repetition of work which wastes valuable business time. There is also slow retrieval of data when using this type of scheme. 2. Reversing of entries, which consists of procedures such as returning of items and product replacement from customers, are procedures that consume an excessive amount of time. These procedures normally take about three days to accomplish since the personnel in-charge has to check the validity of the item returned. In order to accomplish this task, the personnel in-charge has to gather the records of the item and compare its contents to the official receipt and warranty card. The problem comes when the personnel in-charge has to deal with stacks of papers and has to check each and every entry in order to check its validity in terms of item defect, serial code, warranty, and others. 3. There are also items that are returned to the...
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