Introduction to Web Technology

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B.Tech. Computer Science & Engg.
List of Electives Elective-II S.No. Paper Code 1. TCS 021 2. TCS 022 3. TCS 023 4. TIT 701 Elective-III 1. TCS 031 2. TCS 032 3. TCS 033 4. TCS 034 Elective-IV 1. TCS 041 2. TCS 042 3. TCS 043 4. TCS 044 Elective-V 1. TCS 051 2. TCS 052 3. TCS 053 4. TCS 054

Paper Name Computational Geometry Computational Complexity Parallel Algorithms Cryptography & Network Security

Data Mining & Data Warehousing Distributed Database Bioinformatics Data Compression

Real Time System Software Project Management Software Quality Engineering Embedded Systems

Neural Networks Fuzzy Systems Natural Language Processing Mobile Computing

UNIT I: Introduction and Web Development Strategies History of Web, Protocols governing Web, Creating Websites for individual and Corporate World, Cyber Laws, Web Applications, Writing Web Projects, Identification of Objects, Target Users, Web Team, Planning and Process Development. UNIT II: HTML, XML and Scripting List, Tables, Images, Forms, Frames, CSS Document type definition, XML schemes, Object Models, Presenting XML, Using XML Processors: DOM and SAX, Introduction to Java Script, Object in Java Script, Dynamic HTML with Java Script. UNIT III: Java Beans and Web Servers Introduction to Java Beans, Advantage, Properties, BDK, Introduction to EJB, Java Beans API Introduction to Servelets, Lifecycle, JSDK, Servlet API, Servlet Packages: HTTP package, Working with Http request and response, Security Issues. UNIT IV: JSP Introduction to JSP, JSP processing, JSP Application Design, Tomcat Server, Implicit JSP objects, Conditional Processing, Declaring variables and methods, Error Handling and Debugging, Sharing data between JSP pages- Sharing Session and Application Data. UNIT V: Database Connectivity Database Programming using JDBC, Studying Javax.sql.*package, accessing a database from a JSP page, Application-specific Database Action, Developing Java Beans in a JSP page, introduction to Struts framework.

Books: 1. Burdman, “Collaborative Web Development” Addison Wesley. 2. Chris Bates, “Web Programing Building Internet Applications”, 2nd Edition, WILEY, Dreamtech 3. Joel Sklar , “Principal of web Design” Vikash and Thomas Learning 4. Horstmann, “CoreJava”, Addison Wesley. 5. Herbert Schieldt, “The Complete Reference:Java”, TMH. 6. Hans Bergsten, “Java Server Pages”, SPD O’Reilly

UNIT-I Introduction and Fundamentals Motivation and Perspective, Applications, Components of Image Processing System, Element of Visual Perception, A Simple Image Model, Sampling and Quantization. Image Enhancement in Spatial Domain Introduction; Basic Gray Level Functions – Piecewise-Linear Transformation Functions: Contrast Stretching; Histogram Specification; Histogram Equalization; Local Enhancement; Enhancement using Arithmetic/Logic Operations – Image Subtraction, Image Averaging; Basics of Spatial Filtering; Smoothing - Mean filter, Ordered Statistic Filter; Sharpening – The Laplacian. UNIT-II Image Enhancement in Frequency Domain Fourier Transform and the Frequency Domain, Basis of Filtering in Frequency Domain, Filters – Low-pass, High-pass; Correspondence Between Filtering in Spatial and Frequency Domain; Smoothing Frequency Domain Filters – Gaussian Lowpass Filters; Sharpening Frequency Domain Filters – Gaussian Highpass Filters; Homomorphic Filtering. Image Restoration A Model of Restoration Process, Noise Models, Restoration in the presence of Noise only-Spatial Filtering – Mean Filters: Arithmetic Mean filter, Geometric Mean Filter, Order Statistic Filters – Median Filter, Max and Min filters; Periodic Noise Reduction by Frequency Domain Filtering – Bandpass Filters; Minimum Mean-square Error Restoration. UNIT-III Color Image Processing Color Fundamentals, Color Models, Converting Colors to different models, Color Transformation, Smoothing and Sharpening, Color Segmentation....
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