Introduction of Research

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The Griffith University Hotel

Hotel consumer Importance/Performance evaluation report

2012. 10. 12

1.0 Introduction:
In today’s society, when talking about Hotel facilities and services, the most important factors everyone cares about are the price, location and the guestrooms. Not enough said, other hotel choices, such as technology and customization also play key roles in the process (Watkins, 2003). “Companies can no longer rely solely on high-volume and low-cost production to maintain growth or even survive in the market. Instead, they put their effort into meeting customer needs or requirements and achieving customer satisfaction to remain competitive in the market.” (Wang and Ji, 2010). This report shows the differences between business and leisure travelers’ preferences. As Watkins, 2003 stated, “for business travelers, shuttle service to and from the airport is the most important amenity, following closely by childcare facilities, swimming pool and fitness center. For leisure guests, however, a swimming pool is the overwhelming amenity of preference, followed by childcare facilities as shuttle service isn’t that important to these customers.” Business travelers expect their accommodations to have wireless internet services but as for leisure travelers they wouldn’t necessarily need it (Bernadette, 2012). Since hotels are a high competitive region, in able to reach the high reputation, hotels must provide the best facilities and services for their customers as possible. The purpose of this research is to improve the Griffith University Hotel, visitor satisfaction. The facilities and services they provide. To do this, a questionnaire took place, this was the first step undertaken by the Hotel in order to know how important and how well the hotel is performed in fulfilling the customers’ needs. The questionnaire was laid out by using two categories, with 17 facilities for both categories (Importance and Performance). Each facility had ratings from one (1) to five (5), for one (1) being the worst and five (5) being the best. Further on, the questionnaires were then put in a statistical and numerical data; transferred into excel using Means and standard deviation tables, Scatter Plot and T-test/P-value table, these will be further discussed through the report. The quantitative analysis will answer the following questions: 1. What were the differences between the Importance and performance needs from Business and Leisure travelers? 2. Does all the differences between two group of traveler are true? 3. Why there are some of differences are not true?

2.0 Research Method
2.1) Describe IPA and why is it appropriate
Quantitative research was the method been used in this study. A Customer survey was collected from guests of City hotel. This survey (Attachment) is to ask two different groups which were pleasure travelers and business travelers to rate the importance and performance of the hotel facilities. The rate mark is from one to five. After the data were collected, IPA which is Importance and Performance Analysis were used to display the data on the excel table.

The purpose of using IPA is because IPA gives a clearly general data table of research result to people who are looking for the overall of hotel managing their facilities. 2.2) Identifies data analysis process

The result is based on IPA. To analyzing difference between Pleasure Travelers and Business Travelers, Excel is the tool we used to calculating 17 facilities Means, Standard Deviation, T-test, P-value and also making Scatter Plot or tables. * Means and Standard Deviation

Mean is an average number that calculated by using Excel from collected data. To understanding the most/less importance and performance facilities, excel has been used as a tool to calculating the Means of data. Standard Deviation also calculated by Excel from collected data which for measure the...
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