Introduction and History of Qantas

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PJ McGinnis, Sir Wilmot, Hudson Fysh, Sir Fergus McMaster and W Arthur Baird initiated Qantas. Story of Qantas started in March 1919, when an antecedent Australian Flying Corps officers W Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinnis perceived an offer of a £10,000 ($20,000) prize proposed for acceptance by the Federal Government for the first Australians to fly in a period of 30 days from England to Australia. Fergus McMaster who was a wealthy ranch owner and McGinnis struck up a friendship when Fergus McMaster's car broke an axle and McGinnis assisted to recuperate the vehicle. McGinnis and Fysh sketched out to McMaster, who took a little demonstration about aerodynamics, their plans for an air service, starting off with amusement trips. McMaster, galvanized with excitement, got convinced for business partnership to invest with them. Later, Fysh and McGinnis made a journey to Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney, with their antecedent flight sergeant Arthur Baird as aircraft mechanic, where they gave an order of two Avro aircraft (One of the order got cancelled later). The purchase agreement was in the name of The Western Queensland Auto Aero Service Limited. Later a new company name, Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited was adopted, which was, right after that, abbreviated to the acronym 'QANTAS'.

Fergus McMaster was appointed as the Chairman of the company, which was based in Winton. The Qantas fleet, in 1921, was made up of two war surplus biplanes - an Avro 504K with a 100 horsepower (74 kw) water-cooled Sunbeam Dyak engine and a Royal Aircraft Factory BE2E with a 90 horsepower (67 kw) air-cooled engine. From Charles Knight, a Longreach stock and station agent swore nothing would induce him to fly again, the BE2E was obtained for £450 ($900). Keeping the two machines in the air was the toughest work. Avro 504Ks engine, blocked in the thin and hot air, boiled on the shortest trips, pieces fell off in flight. Baird being the superb engineer mutated the aircraft to enhance the performance. By 1922, huge aircrafts were in need, to function a scheduled airmail service between Charleville and Cloncurry. The official birthplace of Qantas was Winton. Fire annihilated Qantas’ first office, which was allocated in Longreach. Qantas operations were then moved 160km southeast to long reach, which was more central to the operational area. Qantas took delivery of its first aircraft, an Avro 504K, registration G-AUBG, in January 1921. Australian Aircraft and Engineering Company, agents for the AV ROE COMPANY in England, then brought it together in Sydney.

A four-passenger DH50 with an encompassed cabin was introduced in 1924 on the Charleville-Cloncurry run, impressing the introduction of post-war commercial aircraft to Australia. It was for the very time that passengers were not bounded to wear any helmet or goggles for the safety purpose. The Prime Minister of Australia, S M Bruce, made Parliamentary history by being the first Australian Prime Minister to use air travel for an official journey. Qantas cataloged its first profit of £1,224 ($2,448) for the financial year. The first de Havilland Moth aircraft was imported by Qantas in the year 1927 and in the same year Qantas established the first private hangar in Brisbane and opened the Bribane Flying School that later transferred to the Queensland Aero Club. The flying doctor service was also operated by QANTAS. Qantas brought two new DH61 aircraft into service, on the 17th April 1929, to commence the 710km Charleville-Brisbane service, the first direct link to the coast. The airline moved its headquarters to Brisbane. Around first one million miles (1,600,000km) got completed and 10,400 passengers were carried by Qantas by now. Qantas established its first link with Britain's Imperial Airways in 1931 when it carried the first airmail from Brisbane to Darwin as part of an experimental Australia-England run. On 18 January 1934 Qantas...
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