Intro to Geography

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Introduction to Geography
Research paper week 7
I learned more than I anticipated while studying the Introduction to Geography. There are Four Geographic Traditions; Earth Science Tradition, Culture-Environment Tradition, Location Tradition and Area Analysis Tradition. The Earth Science Tradition covers physical geography such as landforms, natural resources, weather and climate. I found the text on natural resources to be very helpful, informative and important for our current economy. The Culture-Environment Tradition discusses population geography, spatial interaction and culture geography. During one of the class discussions about population I learned that in just 22 hours the world population increased by more than 233,000 people. The Location Tradition goes over economic geography, human impact on the environment and an urban world. While reading about the human impact on the environment I learned about the Great Garbage Patches and their impact on the wildlife. The Area Analysis Tradition covers the regional concept, discussing the nature of regions and how they apply to the traditions of geography.

I believe that all four traditions of geography are important. Each one is important in a different way. For instance without the study of these traditions and the knowledge of how our cultures, population, spatial interaction, politics, and economics affect our earth, we would not know what affect we are having on our economy and environment. Not knowing how we affect something only prevents us from making changes to make it better. If I had to pick which of the four traditions I believe to be the most important I would pick the Earth Science Tradition. There are several reasons that I think the Earth Science Tradition is the most important. First, without the study of our physical geography and landforms we would not understand how our continents move or understand the rock cycle, tectonic forces, weathering, mass movement or erosional agents. Second, without knowledge of our weather and climate we would not know details about the air and how its temperature, pressure and winds affect us and the climate. Third, if we were unaware of our natural resources and how to properly use them we would not know how to be energy efficient. I believe that without knowledge of how our earth works and what it has to offer it would be hard to study things such as culture and how humans affect the environment. How can we know how we affect the environment if we don’t know anything about it?

Physical geography and its landforms are an important part of geography. I think that the most important part of physical geography and understanding its landforms is to understand tectonic forces. Earthquakes and tsunamis’ impact not only the people but the environment. “The San Andreas fault, in California, is a section of a fracture that separates the North American lithospheric plate and the Pacific lithospheric plate.” (Introduction to Geography, Getis, page 55) “The San Andreas fault is responsible for the 1906 San Francisco earth quake.” ( There have been several measures put into place to try and eliminate the damage caused by earthquakes. For example: “The National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program that was established by congress in 1977.” ( The vision of the NEHRP is “A nation that is earthquake-resilient in public safety, economic strength, and national security.” ( I think it is great that people have created such efficient tools for research and disaster preparedness. “The U.S. Geological Survey works with the NEHRP by providing information such as; earthquake monitoring and notification, earthquake impact and hazard assessments, and targeted research on earthquake cause and effects.” ( This is made possible in todays’ world because we have studied our physical geography and landforms and we know what our earth is capable of. Thanks to that...
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