How Does Geography Continue to Define and Influence the People Across the Globe?

Topics: Civilization, Europe, Iraq Pages: 3 (1289 words) Published: April 8, 2013
How does geography continue to define and influence the people across the globe? What is geography? It is the study of the land we lived and the relationships between human and their environments; both the physical features of the Earth (such as landform or resources exploring) and the human societies developed across it can be explained through geography; it is also a study to examine how human culture interacts with the natural environment, and the impact of the locations and places on people. As people said “You are who you are because of where you are”, the importance and influence of geography are beyond the general cognitive level; geography is not as simply as drawing a map, studying the earth where we live, and finding out resources, actually, it is able to decide a person, a society, or a country success, health, and whether they live or die. Geography influences the world through two major things, one is human adaptation, another is resources trading; the level of understanding towards the geography decides the success or lose of a civilization. Basically, geography influences people because of human adaptation, which is the change in behavior due to one’s surrounding, especially, when people are not powerful enough to change the environment. In general, the ability of an individual is limited and cannot influence the environment effectively; thus, under most conditions, we have to alter ourselves to adapt the new features around us in order to survive, because geography influences our occupation, how we get our food and what food we can get, and where we live. As an international student from Asia, I was prefer to eating rice, using chopsticks, being modest before people; I never imaged that eating bread plus butter in the morning, beefsteak with pink as dinner, or showing my talents and abilities directly in front of people will become major parts in my life; however, everything happened towards this model since I began study abroad in the United...
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