Topics: Tax, Taxation, Taxation in the United States Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Dela Cruz, Jenny E.
Project In Mapeh

Part 1- Background of Myself

I am Jenny Dela Cruz, a 14years old daughter of Mrs. Nenita Dela Cruz and Mr. Agapito Garcia. I was born in Fabella Hospital on the day of March 24, 1998.My father died last December 25,2006 cause of colon cancer.After my father died,we transfer in my mother’s province in Ilocos Sur.I studied theis from grade5 to 1st year school high school.marche 24,2011 my birthday, mother died cause of stroke.My tita(sister of my mother) accompanied me when graduated grade 6 on that year.I expect that my mother will recover but shuttering happens.Then my grandmother take care of then I back to Manila to study here.And im a Junior student Brainshire Science School in thesection of Socrates and Sir Eric Rivera is our class advicer.And now, I live in 419 Quirino Avenue Baclaran Paranaque City.

Part3- What is Syntax Bill?

For various reasons, state governments--and sometimes the federal government--impose high excise taxes on certain goods and services generally deemed undesirable by society. Politicians typically target cigarettes and liquor for this type of taxation, which exceeds normal sales tax rates, though the type of product or service susceptible to sin taxes is subject to expand. In 2010, the federal government imposed a 10 percent tax on indoor tanning bed services to help pay for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In the same year, several states responded to studies about the negative health effects of soda by imposing or considering the imposition of sin taxes on soft drinks. Politicians justify these taxes by saying they address public health concerns, though tax lawyer Peter L. Faber is one of many critics who see them as politically expedient ways to raise money. If a tax hike or the imposition of a new tax affects all or most of the populace--such as a rise in income tax rates--the political consequences are greater than if the tax is just on cigarette...
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