Topics: Crime, Gang, Stop Snitchin' Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Liliana Lopez Caracoza
Professor Garchow
English 085
November, 13, 2012

Bill Maxwell, Start Snitching, St. Pettersburg Times, September 2007 In the article written by Bill Maxwell, he talks about the black to black violence in poor neighborhoods. He explains on more depth how many deaths have been placed in the last years. People do not contribute to the arrest of the murders, sometimes they are afraid to speak against gang members or other criminal members. Mr. Maxwell gave some facts about the deaths of blacks and he keeps adding people to his Wall of Black Death. A group in Tampa already organized a group called “don’t snitch”, all the people involved in the program relate to the death of a black relative that died. He gave great example and anecdotes about the crimes from black to black citizens and how the community needed to respond to the continued growing violence towards blacks. Robert Phansalkar, Stop Snitching’ Won’t Stop Crime, University of Wisconsin, 2007 The Article written by Robert Phansalkar, about the diverse communities that do not receive security help from the government. The article explain in detail most of the problems why they do not receive the help necessary, but it actually be helpful if he added statistics on his work. The movement by different rappers and media personalities did not help the growing violence in the most dangerous parts of the poor communities, which are the most dangerous. Gang violence is a part well explain in the article Stop Snitching’ Won’t Stop Crime. Police did not receive any information on the people the attackers and their victims, an example was the rapper Cameron Giles, which was part of the program and did not participate in investigations on his accident. In summary the program did not work.
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