Interview Techniques

Topics: Interview, Semi-structured interview, Documentary film techniques Pages: 4 (1412 words) Published: March 1, 2012
Noel Gallagher is the guest on both the talk shows I will be comparing. Although the styles used by Jonathan Ross and Michael Parkinson differ, they both manage to retrieve elements of the same information from Noel. Both interviews have different outcomes in the depth and tone of the answers and this directly corresponds with the communication styles both interviewers use. Both interviews come in around the 17 minute mark and are disrupted by advert brakes. The adverts brakes seem allow both interviews to return to subject matter that Noel had perhaps not been as forthcoming about beforehand. Parkinson leads more to towards the style that would be beneficial to those in organizations; he uses a selection of questioning techniques. He tends to use more reflective questions in order to register interest and to try and get more information from Noel followed by probing questions to ensure that he does indeed get a more well-rounded answer. Ross on the other hand is a fan of multiple questions which sometimes flummoxes Noel, and leaves him wondering how to answer. He also uses leading questions, this helps Ross ensure Noel gives the type of answers he is expecting (Huczynski and Buchanan (2007). Nonverbal communication is used by both interviewers in different ways. Non- verbal cues can influence the outcome of interviews and also display hidden messages that aid the outcome (Slocum and Hellriegel 2009) Michael Parkinson manages to get more gritty information from Noel, mainly about growing up and the struggles and violence he faced. He always seems genially interested; he leans forward with his body open and using open hand gestures. This shows interest in his guest, he never seems defensive or does anything to make Noel feel like he is not the focus of his questions. Parkinson actively listens to the answers (Robbins, DeCenzo and Coulter 2011). He rarely talks over his guests and uses pauses along with lubrication in the right places to emphasise that they...
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