Interview: Gourmet Manufacturing Plant Manager

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Faculty Members: Sir Waseem, Sir Shehzad.
Student: Mohammad Nasir (0322-6679733)
Mr. Nassir told the students the beverage plant covers about 30acres of total area. It is a prototype program and once the prototype is created it can be copied anywhere. The plant completion is still in progress and is expected to be completed within one year. All the workers are working hard and quick. Meanwhile, Mr. Nassir and his team make sure the work is done according to plan. The equipment’s that are used in the plant are manufactured by ‘Crones’ company, having the production capacity of water 25000/hour and juice 15000/ hour. Later he answered the questions of the students, which are as follows: WHY DID GOURMET LAUNCH ITSELF IN FAISALABAD AFTER THEIR SUCCESS IN LAHORE? Mr. Nassir Mahmoud answered that it was like a test to check what the response is if gourmet is brought out of Lahore and launched in another city. For this Faisalabad was decided because of the ease of access for all type of support for example motorway access, material can be brought within 2 hours of time and the other good reason is the culture of food taste of Lahore and Faisalabad is quiet similar. Currently 100% of products are manufactured here in Faisalabad. WHY DID GOURMET CHOOSE FAISALABAD FOR THEIR PLANT?

It would give huge benefits to gourmet in the future like when the Multan motorway will be constructed it will benefit gourmet in reducing its expense if they plan to launch in gourmet there too. One reason to choose fsd is that in future benefits are here, because of the ease in access to motorway. ARE THE GOURMET DRINKS DISTRIBUTED IN OTHER CITIES OF PAKISTAN? The gourmet Drinks are distributed allover Pakistan except not in Baluchistan etc. In Punjab almost all main cities are covered. Distribution is mostly given to the one who has more market exposure....
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