Interview Dialogue

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  • Published: July 3, 2011
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I: Please have a seat. (motion to chair)
A: Thank you. Oh, this is a copy of my resume and a list of references. I: Thank you, I will take a look at these. I see you have applied for the cashier position. A: Yes, that’s right; I can work in other positions in the store as well. I: That’s good. Can you tell me (about) your previous work experience? A: I worked as a clerk at 7-Eleven for one year. Before that I worked in my country at my parents’ grocery store. I had many responsibilities such as: ordering merchandise, stocking shelves, and waiting on customers. I: I see. Are you looking for a part time or a full time position? A: I’m looking for a part-time job because I go to the Adult School to improve my English. I: Customer service is a big part of this job. Do you have good people skills? A: I’m sorry, what do you mean by “people skills”?

I: OK, I mean do you enjoy talking to customers?
A: Oh yes, I am friendly and I would like to help the customers. I: Tell me more about your other skills.
A: I can use a cash register and I have basic computer skills. I: Can you give me two good reasons why I should hire you?
A: Well, I am organized, dependable, and hard working.
I: We have morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. Which shift are you interested in? A: I go to school in the morning, and I have to pick up my children from school in the afternoon, so I prefer to work evenings or weekends. I: Do you have any questions for me about the job?

A: As I improve my English at the adult school, I may be interested in a full time position. Can I change to full-time when I finish English school? I: Yes, we like to give our employees first choice when we have an opening. A: That’s good. Will there be opportunities for promotion? I: Yes, based on good performance reviews, there are always opportunities to move up.

   | Mrs. Smith
   | Right then. Ready everybody? Let's ask the next person in. Mr. Chau -...
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