Interpretation of the Bible

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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To go about proper interpretation of the Biblical literature you must know it isn’t always God speaking himself, although it is God’s word. The bible refers to the Word of God as Jesus Christ. The interpretation was brought upon us through many Hebrew scholars and was passed through centuries to what we know it as today. When reading passages of the bible I have to really picture myself there to try to understand what is going on. Whether it’s receiving a message from Moses or encountering God himself through experiences and relating them to my life. The bible has taught me to replenish my body and soul not only physically but mentally. I like to relate what I am reading about to my personal life if it’s possible. It helps with my own interpretation of the Bible whether it’s right or wrong. In search of what is true or not I know I would have to go into a great deal of research of the Bible. I know there are many scholars who have done so in the past; some successful and some not. Faith is something you must acquire through your own beliefs. Having faith can bring clarity to your life and designate something to know about. It implies an act of trust within yourself which should cause a response of obedience; take action in your life. When you can achieve this you will arrive at your own knowledge which is a way of reasoning. Reason only gets you so far and to believe the object you need to take the leap of faith. But to be able to take that leap you must have some evidence because both reason and faith says there is enough evidence. When reading certain passages I become aware of what the bible is trying to convey as a message through its stories and wisdom. It teaches us to become aware of our lives now and how reason is challenged every day. God has a path or a plan for each of us and he wants us to do well. He constructs us with the Ten Commandments and uses them as our boundaries in life. They’re not so much of a wall but more of a sign posted up on the...
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