Internship Report on Meezan Bank

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Internship training for the students of Commerce and Business is a complimentary portion of the education, where students are put at various organizations of their respective specialization; to see and apply their theoretical knowledge what they have studied dur ing their academic program at the institute.Meezan Bank is one of those organizations where student can achieve his/her academic and professional knowledge productively.

In the preparation of this internship report, I acknowledge the encouragement and assistance given by a number of people from Meezan Bank Ltd.I found every one very co-operative and helpful for providing me the theoretical as well as practical knowledge about the function and operation of the bank. I am heartly grateful to CAD ( Housing) department, Manager CAD & The Senior Vice President, Mustafa Mohsin, Assistant Manager Syed Adnan Ali, Officer Aurangzab, Qaiser, Naeem & Javed. They have been most supportive people throught my internship. And I want to pay my thanks to Humail Jilani, Sana mehmood, Salman, Kashif, Ali, Rehan, faraz from Car Ijarah. Faraz Ahmed Jalal, Habeeb Siddiqui, Noman Ahmed & Akif From Labbaik & Laptop. Akrama Farroqi, Salman, Fahad Khan, from Housing. Raza Saeed, Amir, from RMU for their cooperation..


This report is specially meant for students of commerce. It is concerned to a brief study of the operations, functions, Products and Services of Meezan Bank. Meezan Bank is the largest Islamic Banking Network of pakistan. Islamic banking one of the fastest growing segments of the financial industry. Banks serving the Islamic population must comply with several very specific principles of Islamic law if they hope to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Banks must be ready with specialized products and services and they must put programs in place to train their personnel to support these products and services in order to exist in this competitive marketplace.

This Report contains detail of MBL Management structure, products and Functions along with their features. It also includes departmental work in MBL Consumer Head Office.


Meezan Bank Limited, a publicy listed company was incorporated on January 27, 1997 and started its operations as an investment Bank in August that year. In January 2002 Meezan bank was granted as nations full-fledged commercial bank licence as a dedicated Islamic Bank, by The State Bank of Pakistan. Meezan Bank is the first and largest Islamic Bank in Pakistan having a network of over 220 branches in over 60 cities across Pakistan. Meezan Bank offers a complete range of Islamic banking products and services, including free online banking for all Pak Rupee account at all its branches.Meezan Bank today a noteworthy point along with the evaluation of Islamic Banking in pakistan. Meezan Bank is catering to an increasingly astute and demanding financial consumer who is also becoming keenly aware of Islamic Banking.Meezan Bank bears the critical responsibility of leading the way forward in establishing dynamic and stabled Islamic Banking System.

Meezan Bank offereing valuable products and services to its customers without any violation of shariah principles.


|[pic] |  | | |  | | |Establish Islamic banking as banking of first choice to facilitate the implementation of an equitable| | |economic system, providing a strong foundation for establishing a fair and just society for mankind. |


|[pic] | ...
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