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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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The Internet has been flying into homes across America since the mid 1990s when it first took off for personal use and it wasn’t but a few years later that it began to go viral for many convenience reasons. Today it is hard to even find some place that doesn’t have Internet in America. Just about everywhere you go people have Internet access may it be their home or a café around the corner, and if its not there they are more than likely to have it on their phone. In the past few years though Internet has grown bigger than it has ever been with almost everything referring to the Internet in some way shape or form, twenty years ago no one would have ever thought that they would be conducting their daily shopping on the Internet, much less watching their TV show. It seems like just yesterday I was messing with the TV antennas or rabbit ears to try and get the best signal on the television and at that it still wasn’t nearly as clear as a video I can watch on my phone that fits in my hand! In todays society it is possible to find just about every type of media on the Internet from your favorite newspaper article, to last night’s episode of Breaking Bad. The one scary factor of the Internet at even with the live streaming, on demand videos, and great shopping abilities it is not nearly finished and its potential is unthinkable.

The single most popular activity on the Internet is communication or people reading and sending emails to each other. With over 294 billion emails being sent everyday, that’s over 90 trillion emails that are sent every year, making the Internet one of the top mode of communication for businesses and personal use in today’s society. Email has not only made it extremely easy to communicate with people across the world in a matter of seconds, but it has revolutionized the way we do business. A company can now directly target their clients with the use of email, and bring potential purchases right to a customers fingertips without even making them...
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