Internet Technology: Assignment

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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1. Essay MUST answer all questions with relevant justification. 2. Each group is required to submit a group written report that consists of Introduction, Content and Conclusion 3. Mode: Group (3 student per group)

4. Submission in the form of written report (Hard Copy)

** If you have any difficulties in submitting the assignment according to the date given, please come and discuss with me.

Qayyum, manager of Sales and Marketing, recently read an article about the Internet in Business Week and has raised the issue of the Internet with President Danial. Qayyum has asked you to help him understand the ways in which the Internet could help increase REX SDN BHD presence in both the international and domestic markets. He is also interested in ways REX SDN BHD could make effective use of e-mail and the Web in achieving increased productivity. REX SDN BHD currently has a Web site, but it is essentially just a simple brochure that introduces REX SDN BHD. The two most negative comments about Qayyum’s ideas came from Safie and Danial. Safie stated that the Fleet Maintenance Division is doing just fine as it is and that one should not “try to fix something that isn’t broken.” Danial commented that REX SDN BHD should not “jump the gun on videoconferencing; it is too early to invest in that new technology.”

Ex e r c is e s
President Danial has given you two tasks:

1. Prepare a brief management summary on the technical essential aspects of the Internet and the World Wide Web and how they work. Remember, the audience is not technical. The president is confused about the relationship between the World Wide Web and the Internet and often states that they are the same. Please be sure to explain this in your summary.

2. President Danial is particularly intrigued with the potential of the Internet, but he and the other members of management are not exactly sure how the...
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