Internet Marketing M2

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Task 8
Internet marketing involves many challenges, according to surveys operated by, which showed that the three biggest problems with marketing a business online are: Converting leads into sales

In order to convert leads into sales (potential customers into sales); online businesses such as Next need to be able to attract potential customers which means that alongside their own website, Next need to be active on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter so that the business is able to target the very popular social media sites. Facebook and Twitter accounts for Next would allow them access to a strong number of potential customers, but the social media is also a great place to be noticed. Also, in order for Next to attract their target market they will need to conduct in-depth research into their target market in order to see what their likes and dislikes are, so Next should include an area within their website where people are able to give feedback and provide suggestions on Next products which allows Next to see statistically what customers like or dislike. Next also aim to offer its customers new products and services to provide good customer convenience. Next also offer around 1,500 new lines weekly and offer around 35,000 branded wear to attract customers Managing an online marketing system

For Next to be able to manage their online business, they will need to provide certain roles to specifically qualified people who are able to manage the online sector of the business. For this role the person will need to compare their site against their competitors site(s) and then make their website original and eye-catching in an appealing way, which could cause a cascade of customers choosing to use your website instead of your competitors, but to do this fully; the person would need to product better online adverts, provide easy access to the website, provide an easy interface, provide promotions etc. Next will also have an employee who will write up and send out emails to their customers on current promotions, and these are specifically suited to those specific customers in relation to their buying habits. This allows Next customers to feel as though they are valued by the business and will also make the customer want to look at promotions on the Next website, which could in-turn lead to greater sales and effective internet marketing. Next will also need to make sure that customer information is stored safely, and the fact that they update their website regularly.  The print screen above shows that Next need to consistently update their website in order to attract customers. Prioritizing

Internet marketing involves prioritizing which means that Next employees will need to prioritize the businesses internet marketing alongside the main objective of the company which is, as is the same with most, “generating profit”. Which means that employees need to prioritize their time effectively, as well as their energy because running an online business can include a lot of hard work and commitment as it is internet based, and finally money because in order for the business to be set up, it needs funding which can be loaned from the bank but it also means making money by commitment to repay the loan. Next also invest money into advertising as this is their main source of promotion, therefore other than using the internet, websites and their social networking sites, Next sponsored the 2012 London Olympic Games to promote themselves and their advertisements at the games were seen by millions of people.

However, internet marketing can have disadvantages such as
Technological skills
Due to the rapid growth of technology on and off of the internet, such as the introduction of smartphones and tablets, employees at Next are required to have very good ICT skills, because Next has a large percentage of their business online. This means that Next need to find employees that are abled in ICT and that have general...
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