Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Want, Need Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: October 10, 2012
Internet has become one of the basic needs for mostly peoples; we can’t expect our daily life without internet. If we observe, we can easily check out the fact that how internet has dominated in our lives and we are very much dependent on internet. Earlier internet wan the source to collect information only but as time and technology changing day by day, lots of new trends is coming and our daily life has shifted on Internet. If we want to explore any new palace, we use internet, if we want to go for shopping, we use internet and this is not the end point of our list. We use internet to solve our mostly daily uses queries.

Internet has become very useful in the field of education. As internet contributing great help in education, here we are discussing how internet contributing for education. With the help of internet, we can easily contact with any one. Internet has diminished the differences and every resource is very near and close to the needy one.

Earlier School and College projects were too tough to complete but with the help of internet, information and data is available 24×7 and every needy student can complete their projects with the help of a small research. In other words, now needy one can achieve the goal, excuses don’t exist now.

The biggest source for information that is encyclopedia is available online and any one can use it to get desired information. Now there is no chance to get the incomplete information, Encyclopedia contains the most effective information’s and it is available online.

Every news in online available, whatever happens is available suddenly sp there is no scope to look back or wait for some thing. You have internet and you can update yourself any time according to your own needs and time table. What ever is happening is visible.

There are lots of Online Learning Programs are available for those who are unable to attend the classes or have any other problems. Even online collages and institute are also available...
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