Should the Internet Be Censored?

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Should the internet be censored?

The internet is the last vestige of free media and press in the whole wide world. The internet is a far more powerful tool but unfortunately our politicians don’t seem to mix too well with technology and social media. Hence, I absolutely abhor the idea of a tyrannical government censoring. By censoring the internet they would be taking away the inherent right to freedom of speech. After an extensive research I have realized that via the internet you gain reliable resources, an array of communications and a vast amount of entertainment. Firstly, the main purpose of the internet is to expand the depth of our knowledge. Nowadays, people of all age rely completely on the internet and most of them call the internet as ‘man’s best friend’. Websites such as Google, Wikipedia and many more provide dependable resources. For instance; Office work, homework, assignments and all information’s can be surfed via the internet. Besides gaining of knowledge, features such as maps, translation of language are some of the few available in the internet to assist people. Internet therefore has become an ocean of knowledge and every individual is a drop in it. Thus individuals have their information at their finger tip by the help of the internet. In addition, people separated by distance sense much nearer and secured by the usage of the communication tab via the internet. Face-book, twitter are the two foremost social networking sites. People from different countries and states connect to each other for gratis. It is a public site where new friends are added and old friends are reconnected. Equally, Skype, What’s-app, Viber applications are available for friends and relatives far-off, to chat, video call, send files and many more. It is compatible for both youngsters and oldies. Such availability of various and free of charge communications doesn’t make distance a sticky situation.

Furthermore, entertainment has become necessitate for every...
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